Monday, January 31, 2011

Dexter Update

Dexter is approaching 8 months of being alive on Feb. 15th. I figured he deserved a little update post.
At 8 months Dexter...

- is HUGE.
- is just as big of a cuddler as he always has been...this is one of the things Me& E love most about him.
- continues to think that my bed is his bed.
- enjoys nightly belly massages from his father.
- has a new favorite spot that he loves to lay...on top of the dirty clothes hamper.
- has a new hobby - climbing from the bed, across to the hamper, to on top of my dresser...and standing there.
- has acquired quite the manly bark. I heard it for the FIRST time yesterday. I was starting to think it was never gonna happen.
- is still easily entertained by his toys.
- is improving his behavior when going on walks and refraining from jumping on people.
- loves ice. he gets this from his mama.
- watches the mouse move across the screen while I'm on my computer.
- absolutely loves nothing more than going to hang out with his friends at Camp Bow Wow. He wants nothing to do with us once he realizes were pulling up to camp. Kids these days.
- is great at riding in the car (no more mis-haps like the one mentioned here).
- sleeps all through the night. No more funny business waking up during the wee hours of the night. phew.

...and he is just as sweet as ever. <3


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