Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Cruise

Me, E and Kwasi took our favorite car out for a spin and cruised the Alpine Loop today...
- curvy roads
- sunny skies 
- colorful trees
- wonderful weather
- falling leaves
- great conversations
- good tunes on the radio

It made for a lovely afternoon.

- me

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So I have been totally neglecting my blog the past few weeks. Partly because school has started, and mostly because I'm lazzzy. But here are a few things that me & e have been up to...

1. School. I am taking three graduate classes right now. I know three classes sounds like nothin, but they've upped the ante on the work, so it basically evens out. E is taking classes at CNM. He likes them all. They are somewhat easier than if he were to take them at UNM. AND they are cheaper. win win all around.

2. Dexter. Where do I start with our lil Dex man.

First and foremost he is a sweetheart. Not a mean bone in his body, which we love.

Second... he has found a new hobby - chewing important cords (computer, charger, ps3). He has quite a few teeth growing in so he enjoys chewing anything he can get his hands on.

I am the one he runs to when he knows he did something bad. He knows that I don't stay mad at him very long, and I stick up for him when E is mad at him. I can't help it. I'm his mom and that's what mom's are supposed to do, right? ;)

He eats his food in under one minute. Throws it up two minutes later. AND eats it again three minutes later. {I am aware that this is gross and too much information}

He sleeps an insane amount throughout the day. He would cuddle in our beds all day if we stayed laying in it. He can be preeeeetty lazy...a trait he gets from both his mommy and daddy. :/

He has grown so much. We had to upgrade his kennel to a big boy kennel last week. We don't like to admit this fact, so we pretend we haven't noticed how huge he is getting, and we still hold him like a baby (or atleast we try).

He absolutely LOVES other people. He acts like every stranger we see is his owner. He jumps for joy and wags his tail like he is the happiest dog on earth to see them. It's kind of sad really, to think how easily he would adapt to a new fam if he ran away. :(

3. I made (about fifty) delicious donuts with my friend Katharine. They were the most heavenly thing I have ever tasted.

4. We started a diet! We have also quit our diet (see above). We started again...and quit again.

5. We booked flights to Austin for ACL!!! We went last year. Had the time of our lives, and we are so excited to go back in a few weeks! Writing this just made me realize it is just around the corner! yahoo!

6. We have made a few trips to visit my family in Farmington. 

7. We just surprised E's mom by showing up at her doorstep today.

8. We had a succesful yard sale. We made about six hundred (much needed) dollars! It was way more than we thought, so we were so pumped!

9.  And the best news of all....MY COMPUTER IS FIXED!!! You heard right people! It is fixed! My dad is amazing and always comes through...he found some computer dude that fixed his, and so he gave him mine to try his magic, and vuala! it's fixed. millions of pictures back in my possession and tons of word documents as well. I thought I would never see them again. Words can't describe how happy I was when I heard the news. I wanted to cry. (Am I being dramatic?) Nah.

10. We just celebrated E's 23rd birthday. The day before his birthday, we had a very nice dinner at a great restaraunt in Santa Fe with Jed. The day of his birthday we spent the whole time relaxing and playing with his gift (the PS3 Move that my parents and I got for him). He didn't have to do ONE thing the entire day. He was the b-day king. :) We ended the night by grabbing a bite to eat at Flying Star. We got some dessert to-go and ate it at home. E said it didn't compare to his mom's cakes and I think he may have gotten a little homesick...hence # 7. :)

(ok so this is from last year, but i haven't uploaded my pics yet!)
Well that's all for now.

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

23 things i love about Eli Edwin Foutz

1. I love his sense of humor, and laughing together
2. I love his good looks and his style
3. I love making breakfast/lunch/dinner for him
4. I love how he always says he loves my cooking {even though it's definitely questionable sometimes}
5. I love our inside jokes and made up words we say to each other
6. I love the gap in his teeth
7. I love his cute smile
8. I love cuddling with him
9. I love his hugs
10. I love his smooches
11. I love when he lets his face get scruffy
12. But I also LOVE when he shaves :)
13. I love how sweet and caring he is
14. I love how important his family is to him
15. I love how nice he is to everyone
16. I love watching him try to discipline our rowdy dog
17. I love how smart he is
18. I love when he plays the piano
19. I love when plays the guitar
20. I love hearing him sing
21. I love going on road trips with him
22. I love his taste in music
23. Of course I love when he acts weeeeird with me :)

I love Eli in SO many ways! I couldn't possibly sum everything up with just 23 things...I'm sure that I'm missing some good ones! I could just go on and on and on! I honestly believe he is the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. I am extremely lucky to have him in my life and call him all mine. :) He truly makes me a better person and for that I am so thankful. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

I love all of our memories together and I look forward to making many many more. :) Happy Birthday Babe.

''I love everything about you!''


Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Marvels

1. My aunt's adorable smith-corona typewriter from the 8th grade! LOVE. love.

{this isn't the exact one, but it looks pretty darn close. I have been searching for this color!}

2. Glass jar/bottle decor

3. this black anthro dress

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

15 things i LOVE about emma kate foutz

1. I love that she can always make me laugh.
2. I love her great fashion sense. 
3. I love her bomb photo editing skills.
4. I love that we can stay up laughing together all night.
5. I love that we share a passion for Taylor Lautner.
6. I love her beautiful face.
7. I love that she is weird.
8. I love sharing our clothes and having photo shoots together.
9. I love making fun of people myspace's pics with her.
10. I love her made up words.  
11. I love driving in the car and blasting music with her.
12. I love her weird obsession with her cat Shadow.
13. I love going shopping with her.
14. I love that she has good taste in music.
15. I love how smart she is.

Happy Birthday my lil Emsy Bemsy! The list of things I love about you could go on and on. You are like a little sister to me and I love you so much! Our relationship is so special to me, and I hope you know that I will ALWAYS be here for you. I am so happy that you are in my life. Uda Uda best

- me

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Marvels

one thing I am currently marveling over...

1. Pretty Patterns

thats all for now.

- me