Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Hobby...hopefully

Alright! So I've finally made it here. I've almost gotten to this point once before (I created a profile, named my blog, and picked out a cute layout) and that's as far as I got. I lost my password, forgot the e-mail address I used, and that was the end of that. Now, I must say I am pretty proud of myself for actually getting as far as an actual POST!

SOoo, what finally got me here you ask? Well I found myself spending hours (literally HOURS) reading other people's blogs all the dang time {and getting made fun of by the mister because of it might I add}. I would get in bed at 11:00, thinking I was getting to sleep "early" and all of a sudden look down to the bottom corner of my computer and see that it was 2:00 AM! I decided that with all of the time that I spend creeping in on random people's lives, I could spend on creating my own blog. What a concept. Also, the past few weeks I have gotten myself into the habit of becoming a creature of my bed when I get home from work/school. I can easily spend the entire day SLEEPING. Once I've plopped myself into my oh so comfy tempurpedic mattress, I can't ever seem to get any motivation to get out from under the sheets (with the occasional trip to the freezer for Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream of course). So back to my point...I needed to get a hobby other than SLEEPING in my bed for countless hours at a time, so here I am. my new hobby = blogging. I figure, I can still be in my bed, but at least I'm working some part of my brain by writing right? SOoo here it is. my hobby. MY first post.

p.s. I really hope that I stick with this whole blogging thing, and post on a regular basis. But my procrastinating ways are saying otherwise. Well I guess we shall seeeee.....